Raising a Vegetable Garden in Amarillo


Making a garden is one of the most challenging yet the most rewarding experiences that you can have. Plants serve as the lifeblood of your garden and you can’t go on without them. Creating a garden that’s beautiful and flourishing requires you to invest your time, money and effort.

Gardening in a place like Amarillo, Texas may be a daunting task since the region poses a challenging environment wherein most gardeners, both beginners and experts, feel like it’s too tough of a challenge to tackle. The native soil of Amarillo is hard and dry, unable to maintain moisture for a long time, easily taken away by the blistering heat during summer or when drought comes. The limited water supply in the region also doesn’t make gardening easier as you’ll have to conserve it.

However, despite these challenges, we’ve learned that with the proper steps to be taken and techniques to be used, gardening in Amarillo is possible. But it’s time to take it up a notch. Making a garden is a difficult task by itself, but making a vegetable garden in Amarillo is a different aspect that you need to understand.

Want to make a beautiful and productive vegetable garden in Amarillo? Here are just a few points that you need to remember.

Watering Your Vegetables
The water supply is certainly an issue that you have to deal with in Amarillo. You need an adequate water supply if you want to sustain your vegetable garden since it’s important for crops to get enough water. A good way to do this is to put your vegetables where a water source is nearby or if possible, put a water source near your vegetable garden at all times to ensure that they get the right amount of moisture every day.

Choosing the Right Vegetables
When it comes to making a vegetable garden in a place like Amarillo, you need to choose the right vegetables that can withstand the heat of the region. Vegetables requiring a lot of water to survive aren’t ideal in Amarillo. Instead, choosing vegetables that can still yield a high produce even with limited watering are the best choices.

A few good examples are sweet potatoes, bell peppers, sweet corn, eggplant, pumpkin, squash, okra, chili peppers, and radish. These are also commonly grown in tropical countries because of high survivability.

Weeding Your Garden
Weeds are the common enemy of vegetables. They suck out the nutrients and the water that your vegetables need to grow abundantly. Pulling out weeds whenever they grow is important to allow your vegetables to get the optimum amount of water and nutrients since the native soil of Amarillo is already dry and difficult to manage.

Applying mulch is important if you plan on raising vegetables in Amarillo. Mulching is the application of organic or inorganic materials on top of the soil which shields the soil from the heat, localizes the water around your crops and prevents the growth of weeds in the area where mulch is applied on. These can be made out of wood shavings, rubber, newspaper, cardboard, leaves or compost.

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Controlling Pests
Your vegetables won’t grow well if you don’t protect them from pests. It’s important to remember that even the smallest pest can cause significant damage to your vegetable garden and should be dealt with quickly. Remove weeds as often as you can since this is the common breeding place of pests and check the leaves of your vegetables and hand pick these pests as needed.

One of the three primary needs of plants is sunlight. Making sure that your vegetables get enough light is important for their growth but since you’re building your vegetable garden in Amarillo, it’s also important to remember that too much heat isn’t good for your crops. If you’re using pots or planters, you can easily move your vegetables to a more shaded part of the garden, but if that isn’t possible, putting up the shade when the heat gets too strong is quite helpful to prevent your vegetables from drying out.

Planters and Pots
Using planters and pots is also a great option when you plan on raising vegetables in your garden in Amarillo. Since Amarillo’s soil is naturally dry and hard, you can use planters and pots and fill them with a different and more nutritive type of soil. With a better quality of soil, you only need to manage the heat for your vegetables to grow well.

Raised Bed Gardens
Growing vegetables and herbs in raised bed gardens are common. These are wonderful places that can allow your vegetables to grow since you can fill the bed gardens with better soil, allow the roots of your vegetables to grow freely, moisture can be stored in a softer and richer type of soil and the spacing also creates a microclimate which lessens the growth of weeds, maximizing the yield of your vegetables.

Enjoy Your Time
Lastly, it’s also important to remember that you have to enjoy your time in raising your vegetable garden. It isn’t an easy task and you have to wait a few weeks or months to reap the rewards of your labor, but after all that, everything’s going to be worth it. Share your gardening experience with other people like your family since raising a vegetable garden isn’t just a one-man experience.
Nurturing a beautiful garden is already incredible but raising a vegetable garden in Amarillo raises the bar of difficulty to the next level. You have to take care of your vegetables meticulously since they’re different compared to raising other plants. A great deal of time and effort should be given if you want to furnish a garden that not only exhibits beauty but also produces food for you and your family.

Once you accomplish this task, an incredible amount of satisfaction will overwhelm you since creating a vegetable garden can really bring you great rewards. Amarillo is a unique place to raise vegetables in your own garden but it’s a rewarding experience that will teach you to pay attention to details. Why not take the challenge of raising a vegetable garden?

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